A Warm and Giving Spirit

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”

Hello fellow Spirit followers,

Today we bring you the gift of the Spirit to warm and gladden your heart and the hearts of those you love.

The warmer weather is now with us. Let the Spirit warm your heart and bring gladness into your life, for the gift of LIFE.

We enjoy publicizing the Spirit. We invite all who welcome the Spirit into their lives to join our newsletter and membership society.

We do lots of exciting and fulfilling things to enhance the lives of others. At heart we love the Spirit and let the Spirit guide and direct us. We do not allow emotions or opinions to enter the realm of the Spirit. We run our newsletter as the Spirit leads.  As for me I follow the lead of the Spirit.

As you all know, even with the Spirit as our guide, we must still provide a means of maintaining and supporting our publishing efforts.  In providing this newsletter, we also provide an avenue for donations to our cause. If you wish to participate in changing the course of history, please continue to show your support by giving generously of the Spirit.

To enable you or your family and friends the chance to learn more about the Spirit and how it gracefully glides through our environment providing and governing our thoughts and actions, we have now introduced a special
membership, allowing participants the chance to take action and bring about peace and prosperity for themselves and others.

To receive further information or join our cause, please write to:



“The Spirit Newsletter”


Have a great and prosperous day!

The location of both “The Spirit Newsletter” & Cottam Industries are as follows:


Cottam Industries
56 East Folly Mtn., Rd., RR2
Debert, Nova Scotia b0m1g0



One Response to “A Warm and Giving Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “An invitation to join the Spirit is a gift.”

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