In Touch with the Spirit

Hi and welcome,

It has been another mind boggling day.  If we give our activities

over to the Spirit, we can get quite ensconced in whatever task

we’ve taken on.  The Spirit does us proud.  It keeps us trudging

onward no matter what obstacles pop up.

Is your day so full of activities that you really have a hard

time to just sit and relax?  Relaxing in the Spirit is a most

comfortable way to relax.  Give it all up to the Spirit and let

your adrenalin cool down.  Meditate.  Watch some tube.

Put your feet up and get comfortable and give thanks to the Spirit

that gifts us.  With gifts of the Spirit we do slow down and look

at things a little clearer.  Focus on the peace and tranquility it


I’ve had to cut back and allow my spirit time to absorb and use

the calmness that comes over me when I pray and ask the Spirit

to come fully into my heart when I have stopped doing whatever.

It is then, serenity of the moment seeps in and fills my


I hope you take time today to get in touch with the Spirit and

allow yourself the time allotted all tired and wearied souls who

commit themselves to doing good for others.

Have a great and prosperous day!






One Response to “In Touch with the Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “Pride is not feeling better than you are, it’s purely emotional euphoria in doing the right things.”

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