The Strength of Spirit


“Öur aim is to inspire and educate and relate to one another in

the quest for peace on Earth.”


Hello everyone,

Sorry about the lapse between posts, but there’s always something

that comes up to interrupt any routine I try to follow.  I do all

I can possibly think of to keep on target.  The cost?  Crazy!

Thanks to the Spirit I can keep my head above water and tread a

fairly long time, but then I tire.  No matter how strong the Spirit, the

body grows weak and needs rest.

With the Spirit in me I look forward to each day and the varied

aspects that come with a new day and different circumstances.  It

allows me ultimate freedom.  Creativity and construction of choice

circumstances lead me ever onward.

If you’re spirit is lacking today,  give choice to creativity and

express yourself from the heart.  Enjoy life and have fun.  Live

life to the fullest and partake of the bounty provided freely and


In all of us there are latent tendencies to want to do good for

someone other than ourselves.  The nature of the action is praise

enough for simply being able to be of service.

The Strength of Spirit calls you.  Will you listen?

Have a great and prosperous day!


PS: It’s a question of ecology and economy and where they begin.

Your action and participaction are what we strive for.  We look

forward to hearing from you.  

PPS: “The Spirit” is a FREE  Post provided by; “GEMSIVSPIRIT”

We invite you to accept our generous gifts of spirit and loving

kindness.  We look forward to serving more of your needs in the


Again, have a great and prosperous day!



One Response to “The Strength of Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “You are blessed with bounty in the Spirit.”

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