Administration of the Spirit

Hi and welcome,

Just want to let you know the Spirit is here.  We want to see you

blessed with Spirit.  Through administration of the Spirit, we are

doing what the Spirit wills.  The Spirit wants us to keep up the good



How do you handle administration of the Spirit?  Consistent

application of the process is necessary for success.  One

mustn’t be sporadic about staying in touch with the Spirit.

Your spirit becomes despondent if you don’t reciprocate the

generosity of the Spirit.


Heed the Spirit?  Listen?  What lessons can we learn?  Will we

pass the test?  Can you call upon the Spirit when you are in


The answer is an emphatic yes.

We must call upon Spirit for just about anything.  Joy, peace

or happiness.  Love and Peace go hand in hand with Spirit to

create a better tomorrow.

We all want a better tomorrow.  Our families have wanted it for

each other all their lives. for sons, daughters, their sons and

daughters etc.  We too strive for that goal.

What have you done for the Spirit today?

Have a great and prosperous day!

Don’t forget to leave your comments, it is your chance to

voice your opinion.

“Believe to receive, visualize to realize.”


Have a great and prosperous day!


PS:  Need inspiration, check out previous posts.

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family and friends?  Feel free to tell them about this site and it’s

benefits and how supporting such a worthy cause is for the benefit of



One Response to “Administration of the Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “Administration is first and foremost the key to knowledge.”

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