Access to the Spirit

Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in

the quest for peace on Earth.”


Access to the Spirit


Hello and Welcome,

Once again the Spirit is prodding me to get to it.  So here

goes.  This one’s for you.  The Spirit is asking you to open

your hearts to allow access.

You must open your hearts if you wish access to the Spirit.  As

you contemplate doing so, consider the implications thereof.  A

brand new you.

Wouldn’t you like to experience the euphoria that giving of the

Spirit induces?

Accepting the Spirit is incomparable to anything else you’ve

ever experienced.  A pure true love that inspires one to give.

The reward so exceedingly far above your greatest expectations.

It is the intent of this newsletter to inspire and create love

and warmth of a giving spirit.  Enjoy peace, prosperity and

happiness being filled with the Spirit.



We hope you enjoy our sometimes brief, but pointedly spiritual

blessings emanating throughout our newsletter.  Accept Spirit and

learn forgiveness of Spirit.  These are key to your own peace

and prosperity.


“Believe to receive, visualize to realize.”


Have a great and prosperous day!


PS:  Need inspiration, check out previous posts.


PPS: Want to help promote “The Spirit” by sharing this post with your

friends and family?  Feel free to tell them about this site and it’s

benefits and how supporting such a worthy cause is for the benefit of




One Response to “Access to the Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “Conceptualism is the third, true key to peace and prosperity.”

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