Trust the Spirit


Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other

 in the quest for peace on Earth.”

Trust the Spirit


Hello and welcome,


Today’s “The Spirit” contains spirit for everyone.  Let’s join

together in spirit and celebrate the day.  Here in Canada we

celebrate “Canada Day” with friends and family, ‘some in very

“high spirits”‘, and large fireworks displays.


Oh yeah, no I am not in that kind of high spirit.  I admit

there was a day or two probably.  LOL.


But, nonetheless, I have overcome just about everything.  I am

quite schooled in the Spirit.  The Spirit has brought me through

many harrowing experiences.  Thanks be to the Spirit that has

protected and watched over me and gave me the courage to carry on

throughout further adversity since.


Please trust me when I say, I am as you.  I too get sidetracked

and out of sorts sometimes.  As I study and rehabilitate,  I do

open the doors to my heart wider.  I enjoy life more being led wholly

by the Spirit.


Trust the Spirit and you too will find the inner peace and happiness

we all long for.


Have a great and prosperous day!



“Believe to receive, visualize to realize.”


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family and friends?  Feel free to tell them about this site and it’s

benefits and how supporting such a worthy cause is for the benefit of



One Response to “Trust the Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “The Spirit helps one to overcome the biggest obstacles in life.”

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