Spirit is Mind and Soul

Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the

quest for peace on Earth.”


Spirit is Mind and Soul


Hello and welcome,

Welcome Spirit!

Welcome Spirit followers!


This edition of The Spirit is all about attitude.  An agressive,

positive winning attitude.  The secret to health and prosperity is a

strong attitude towards the SpiritPeace and happiness rely on us

and our ability to stay strong and possess a winning attitude.


Victory is ours with this simple tactic.  Keep the Spirit foremost in

all strategizing and planning for your future.  To be a winner, one

must first develop a winning psyche.


Developing the psyche is a must for survival in today’s hectic, fast

paced lifestyle.  We’re all in a hurry to get nowhere fast.  Where

are we headed in such a hurry?  To annihilation if we don’t slow down

and smell the coffee and roses.


The Spirit willing we can reverse the chaotic course of events that

mark the beginning of the end of times.  Forget time travel and time

machines and gadgets that do more damage than good.  Utilize what

we have at hand and stop gathering useless technological doo daas.


Start using our heads instead of our gluttonous appetite for spending

hard earned and hard to come by dollars.  Read, sit down or talk to

someone.  Take a few minutes to be you instead of societys’ puppet.


Let the Spirit flow through you instead of rushing headlong down a

blind alley searching for it.  The Spirit comes to you only when you

slow down enough to let it enter and fulfill the emptiness that is

your heart yearning for peace and love.


Peace and Love are SpiritHappiness is SpiritKindness is Spirit.

You are Spirit.  You are not just flesh and blood.  Flesh and blood

are physical attributes only.


” Spirit is mind and soul as an entity unto itself.”


So if you’re lost or still looking for that special something to fill

the void in your heart, accept the Spirit into your heart.  You’ll

find peace, contentment and happiness you’ve been searching for all

your life.  Slow down and let the Spirit do it’s job.


Have a great and prosperous day!


“Believe to receive, visualize to realize.”


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One Response to “Spirit is Mind and Soul”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “When the psyche accepts Spirit, mind and soul, peace and contentment follow.”

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