A Productive Spirit

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”

A Productive Spirit


Hello again,


In the realm of the spirit you’ ll find much room for self improvement.  To

receive the benefits Spirit has to offer, you must accept and believe.  Without

these two simple processes, you stand to lose a lot.  Only by being in touch

with the Spirit, however you view spirit, can you realize the importance of

improving one’s standards.


How important you may ask is one’s standing?  Stop and think about it.  There

are bottom feeders and top feeders, in which level would you like to be



Simple isn’t it.  Standards are how society views the rest of society.  By what

standards do they view you?  Most would probably admit that Spirit plays no

role in their lives whatsoever.  Trust me it does play a role in all life.

The Spirit is inherent to all life.  It provides structure where without,

there would be a great dark abyss.  In that zone where would you stand?


To enjoy or employ Spirit in our lives, we must do the steps to welcome the

Spirit.  As previously stated, acceptance is the first requirement.  The second

belief, is also a requirement.  Utilize these first two steps so that you can

enjoy the life that Spirit has blessed you with.


This newsletter is intended to teach others about the Spirit and to show spirit

within our ranks.  Spirit is required in all aspects of  life as it was

intended.  Embody the Spirit and you too can be blessed with ultimate

understanding and purpose.  Then you can work on the self improvement that

everyone else talks about.  Isn’t that where we should look first?  Ourselves.


I hope you enjoy this post and will come back in the future to see where all

this education leads.  Don’t think for a minute that I would leave you hanging

without purpose or reasons to improve your life.  I am sure you will find your

true purpose within the realm of the Spirit.


Have a great and prosperous day!


PS:  Need inspiration check out previous posts.



(c) 2009 2E-TERNITY.ORG



2 Responses to “A Productive Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “Self improvement is a requirement we can’t ignore.”

  2. rick Says:

    “One finds peace when one finds Spirit.”

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