Love of Spirit

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in
the quest for peace on Earth.”


Love of Spirit


Hello and Welcome,


When I started today I was a little sluggish.  As the day progressed and I

decided to concentrate on the love of Spirit, I perked up immediately.  I

expect that is why I write this newsletter.  It helps get me in the spirit

and enables me freedom to be more creative.


A creative Spirit allows us that freedom.  The freedom to do the things

you love and the freedom to spend your time with those whom you love.  It

is peaceful contentment it brings to your countenance.  One must love

the Spirit in return to reciprocate the gift.


Reciprocity of devotion to this newsletter is what makes me feel useful or

allows me to feel I am doing my part as well to help heal the ills of the

world.  We all know how much words influence behavior in others.  Music is

a prime example of words used to create emotion or elation etc..


So live life and love the Spirit that creates your peace.


Have a great and prosperous day!


PS:  Need inspiration check out previous and future posts.


(c) 2009 2E-TERNITY.ORG


One Response to “Love of Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “Live life and love the Spirit that creates peace.”

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