Intimacy with Spirit

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”


Intimacy with Spirit

Hello and Welcome,

It’s so great to be able to bring you another post on the Spirit.  If you are anything like me you too feel elated when

Spirit is fulfilling you.  There is nothing quite like the peace and confidence that comes with knowing the Spirit


Intimacy with Spirit enables an individual to accomplish any goal(s).  You see allowing the Spirit to fulfill your body,

mind and soul, takes away all anxiety, depression or stress.  With the Spirit as guide all obstacles are made simple to


Obstacles are a large part of our lives and the obstacles that face us daily must be overcome to move on and progress

towards our goals.  Achieving the success we want for ourselves is of the utmost importance for peace and harmony to

become inherent to our nature.

When we achieve peace and harmony in our daily lives we can better help our neighbors or others who need strong

guidance to overcome their negativity.  We are here for that purpose.  We must secure the environment that produces

positive ions to outweigh all negative ions.

It is an action of balance that allows us to successfully push the negative aside and replace it with a positive energy.

Positive energy is conducive to the Spirit.  Spirit thrives on positive conductive energy levels and we also thrive when

powered by positive energy forces.


To sum up the effect Spirit has on us, we utilize the energy it instills in us.  We thrive and therefore progress because of

Spirit’s influence.  The power of positive thinking and positive action put together to form solid and formidable

alliances with Spirit are conducive to our own well being and success.

Have a great and prosperous day!




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One Response to “Intimacy with Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “Intimacy with Spirit is paramount to peace, harmony, happiness and success.”

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