Praise be to Spirit



“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”


Praise be to Spirit 

Hello and Welcome,


As the Spirit moves me here I am.  Today the Spirit is present and accounted for in my life.

I depend on Spirit to keep me happy and content enough to do the tasks at hand.  Daily tasks

do interfere with what I would rather be doing.  Still the chores are a priority as well.  I

do my best to keep the chores cleared up, but it isn’t always possible.


To attend to business we must always prioritize our goals each day so we can live in harmony

with those who depend on us to do certain things they can’t.  As a maintenance engineer as

well as a writer etc., my days are full to overflowing.  This is why we need the Spirit.


We must be filled to overflowing with the Spirit if we wish to accomplish all our tasks each

day without whining and complaining along the way.  The Spirit gives us strength to carry on

even when we don’t have the strength left it seems.  Praise be to Spirit.  How very fortunate

for those of us who allow Spirit to fulfill us with strength and lovingkindness towards our

loved ones and friends.


Today let’s put the Spirit first in our minds and hearts and see if it doesn’t help ease the

burden we carry.  As the Spirit fills us the load seems much lighter and easier to handle.  I

praise the Spirit daily for giving me the strength to carry on through adversity.  Roadblocks

are a constant reminder that life isn’t always easy and that sometimes we must admit we alone

can’t handle the pace.  With Spirit we can handle all obstacles thrown in our path.


Have a great and prosperous day!


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One Response to “Praise be to Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “Praise be to Spirit that fulfills our life with peace, happiness, joy and contentment.”

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