Don the Armor of Spirit



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Don the Armor of Spirit


Hello and welcome,


We are blessed with sunshine and beautiful weather today in our
neck of the woods.  I’m fortunate, well blessed and happy to be
in cottage country today.  As I meditate, I dwell on Spirit and
the bounty it graciously provides.

Thanks for strength given me to experience and don the armor of
Spirit  This shield of faith deflects evil and evil doers.  It
prepares and protects us for future battles.  Obstacles thrown
in our midst are overcome by the power granted us.

Wielding the shield of faith we soldier onward and fight daily
the dark forces that threaten to tear asunder our armor.  It’s
wonderful to know we’ve donned our armor and our shield of
wards off the enemy at every turn.

As a solid body of faithful servants we come face to face with
our fears and frustrations.  Once faced those obstacles become
a part of the past and we move forever onward in freedom.

The lessons we learn along the way add value to our existence
and fodder for our spirits.  We pick up lost time by being more
open and honest with ourselves and others.  Through development
of these traits
alone we build long and lasting relationships.

So while we go about our daily lives in the days to come ponder
the blessings of SpiritDon the Armor of SpiritGo into
battle prepared for victory
and victory will be yours Stay
true to your spirit and you will be rewarded with abundance,
peace and happiness.


Have a great fun filled and prosperous day!


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One Response to “Don the Armor of Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “Through faith we can truthfully don the armor of Spirit and go forth victorius.”

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