The True Gift of Spirit


“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”


The True Gift of Spirit


Hello and Welcome,


To another day with Spirit.  Spirit becomes us all.  It is so wonderful to join in Spirit with

likeminded individuals, family and friends.  Praise be to the Spirit and all it represents.  I

am sure it represents many things to many people.  To me it represents the true meaning of life.


Today the Spirit is really working in harmony with all I do or represent.  My deepest desire is

for you to share in the same Spirit I know fills the world today.  The Spirit is represented by

all cultures and recognized around the globe.  There are many names for Spirit.  Those names are

clear, concise, descriptions of each individual culture.


Our purpose with this particular medium is to reach and share with all cultures.  Spirit is an

inherent component in every society.  The points of view that make up the many faces of Spirit

are vast and many a faceted jewel.  Our logo or badge of Spirit is our version of that jewel.


If you look closely at the logo or badge as we sometimes call it, you will see it’s entirety

the true meaning and purpose of the image portrayed.  This awesome original and unique image is

created from body, mind and spirit.  It was created by one of our own.  By request this image

was drawn from the artistic mind of a professional who takes great pride in his work.


This young man is a star in his own right as represented by his unique symbolism and creativity.


The Spirit was certainly present in the artistic creation of his art on that blessed day.  Bless

him and his futuristic works.  I truly would like to work with him once again sometime in the

near future.  He truly has the gift of Spirit in him.


Have a fun filled great and prosperous day!




PS:  Need inspiration check out previous and future posts.


(c) 2009 2E-TERNITY.ORG




One Response to “The True Gift of Spirit”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    “Äs I ponder the fulfillment of Spirit, I realize the peace and contentment it brings. It allows us to feel freedom and power. In a universe where overpowering others seems to be paramount and not always for the good of all concerned, we must consider the power Spirit allows us to wield and use it solely for it’s true intent.”

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