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Driven By The Spirit

March 23, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”

Hello and Welcome Spirit,

Where are you at in your spiritual journey? Do matters of

the spirit move you?

Today we touch on the spirit. The spirit that moves you, or

spirit that guides you. Maybe you are driven by the spirit.

If you are not sure if spirit plays a part in your life just

stop for a minute and think. MMMMMmmmm now there’s a thought.

Really how can one deny spirit exists? It is our core being

and the force which drives us all. When you imbibe even, you

injest what has been called `spirits’. So no matter how you

look at it, our lives involve spirit.

Everyone has their own interpretation. Myself, I see nothing

wrong with that. Spirit is what makes us individuals or free

thinkers even free willed. Now free will is a whole other

topic to me, so we’ll save it for another day.

Back to the question of spirit. In my estimation there are

many spirits. Only one of which, is of concern to me. I am

not leaning one way or the other. As I said we are all free

willed and able to make our own decisions.

There is something to be said though for being of good spirit

and keeping our spirits up. To do so, we must favor the most

beneficial spirit to our well being. Again another topic.

So for the moment stop and think of how spirit(s) affect(s)

your life, your very existence. Ponder diligently.

Have a great and prosperous day!




March 19, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”


The Spirit is strong, but flesh is weak. Stay true
to yourself and those you love. Learn forgiveness
of the heart. First yours and then others. It is a
gift. Cherish and enjoy peace and happiness.

Have a great and prosperous day!

Welcome the Spirit

March 14, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”

Hello,  family,  friends and strangers,

It’s another great day.  Energies flow freely through the air and penetrate the frozen barriers that keep us all from moving on.   Here the weather is cold.  I’m sure that some of you live in warmer areas of the world.  You can smell spring in the air and that is a comfort.  Warmer weather means more time spent out in the fresh air.

Today we want to relax and enjoy the day with our families and friends.   The work week is done for some at least,  for those whose work carries them through the weekend,   we hope you have great weather for your days off.  Make sure to take time for yourself as well as others.  Get any coasting or snow type sports in while you can.  The snow will soon come off the mountains.   The great outdoors and wind in your face fills the spirit with gladness.  A warm glow gathers in the heart.

Always take time to tune in with your spirit and allow it to fulfill your needs and being.  The Spirit is never far away.  We just have to be open and embrace the inner peace that knowing and dealing with the Spirit brings.  It’s here to comfort and guide us through our daily lives as well as leisure times.  Enjoy the day and evening and have loads of fun with family and friends.

Have a great & properous day!


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