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Hello and welcome,

Please let me introduce myself.  My name is Richard Yorke.  I live in a small village in the very hub of Nova Scotia.  One of Canada’s small Atlantic provinces.  We are a fun loving and generous people.  I hear nothing but postive comments about our province from tourists, and visitors to our Maritime culture.  If you check the map or google us, you can see we are almost an island.  A small narrow portion of our northern border joins us to the province of NewBrunswick.

The village I live in Debert, was quite popular during the war years.  It was a shipping out point for soldiers heading overseas.  The Armed Forces established a large base here.  We have a small airport in our community which makes it attractive to some business and curiosity seekers.  It’s history of army personnel coming and going has
led to a military museum being established here.  The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 106 is integral to the infrastructure that govern plans for growth and development.

Things and times have certainly changed over the years.  Debert is no longer the militarized zone it once was.  The inherent value of this military base was one of the great Diefenbunkers.  I recently read in the local paper where a technology based company has now taken control or interest in the once vital strategic post of our military and heads of government.

We also housed a major communications and intelligence gathering and conveyance or movement of data.  I would say we were a target for prying eyes at one time or another.

Believe it or not I can still remember hearing the testing of air raid sirens going off occasionally in our community.  There were very large loudspeakers posted high on towers constructed solely for that purpose, not more than a few hundred yards from our house.

Troops were still shipped in and out as I was growing up.  It’s only been a few years now since they basically shut it all down.  There is still a skeleton crew in the area, as well as cadets who come to learn to fly and land gliders.  They also learn theory as well and most likely some of the emergency training usually required for such maneuvers.

My hobbies include carpentry, music, reading and writing.  Business administration and internet marketing are the main topics I research.  This area of expertise gets my blood flowing and titilates my imagination and creative juices. 

Spirit, family and friends are most important to me.  Spirit is what moves me.

I adhere to laws of Nature and Spirit.  It’s so important to be grounded and in control of one’s own life.  To do so we must focus.  Focus on the Spirit is foremost before all else.

One learns to find happiness within before they can  provide happiness to others.  Once you find happiness you can find yourself, and in so doing, help others.

I enjoy my life.  I enjoy the freedom the internet provides.  Blogging is a pastime that allows me that happiness and freedom I’ve searched for all my life.  I am more than happy providing others with good clean content and articles of interest.

Please leave your comment(s) on our blog and we will use them as a guide to better serve your needs.

Together we can help more people and provide incentive for others to grow and prosper as well.  Let’s join forces to succeed and others will follow.

Have a great and prosperous day!

Richard Yorke

CEO & Founder



Other projects I’m involved in can be checked out by following these links.  The first is a one stop shopping extravaganza, the other a business opportunity for internet entrepreneurs or business opportunity seekers.  The second link also provides an educational outlet for marketing entrepreneurs.  Enjoy and have fun.



or call 1800 719 8268 ext 21976

Badge of Spirit

Badge of Spirit


3 Responses to “About”

  1. raacy4gemsv Says:

    Finally, a way for others to participate if they wish. The Spirit is full of surprises and lovingkindness. Be proud of who you are and accept forgiveness of the Spirit and abound in the blessings thereof.

  2. steve mccabe Says:

    I’m not sure what spirit your refering to. Is this christ spirit, cosmic spirit,naturalistical spirit, angelical spirit, harmonical spirit?? Not sure thought I might ask.

    • raacy4gemsv Says:

      Hi Steve, Thanks for dropping by and checking this site out. I use Spirit for the simple fact it is less likely to offend the masses. You and I both know what the Spirit is and rest assured always will be. The Spirit within is another appropriate way to describe the Spirit.

      I do hope you can find a way to relate to this newsletter (pre-launch). We do have to be very careful how we say and do things if we really wish to reach a broader target audience. Staying impartial and non judgemental is paramount to the success of these posts reaching their intended targeted audiences.

      Please check the latest post and see how things have evolved. I do not wish to ruffle feathers. I am being open and honest in my narration of our precious Spirit who guides and protects us for the duration.

      Thanks again,

      Have a fun filled great and prosperous day!

      PS: To stay updated check frequently. Post comments as often as you wish. They are most welcome and allow me to better edit and write more concentrated and precise articles.


      PPS: I will get a chance to listen to your CD this week. Thanks for that precious gift. I am sure I will thoroughly enjoy it. Let me know if you still want me to promote it or not. I have other related sites where I do promotions. I don’t like to include sales of any material on this particular blog. I certainly would like to promote it for you as a favor and it will get promoted to a targeted audience for sure. I link to a lot of sites that would be happy to receive or listen to the demo being offered. Just drop me an email if you have any questions or suggestions concerning all we’ve covered here and in person.

      Ur Bro in Spirit,


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