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A Press Release

August 8, 2009





“A futuristic company designed by management for management.”



Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in
 the quest for peace on Earth.”


Our Product(s)

“Global intelligence for all, peace, prosperity and abundance.”



Cottam Industires

56 East Folly Mtn., Rd., RR2
Debert, NS, Canada, b0m1g0
902 899 3708


Hello and welcome,


Today we are discussing responsibility. We all have certain re-
sponsibilities and obligations.  With all the confusion that
goes on in this fast paced world, we must first think of our
own priorities.

Our first priority is to our spirit and then ourselves.  The
Spirit is our guide and we must listen to Spirit and teachings
of the Spirit.  These lessons are learned hopefully when we’re
young.  If not, it is certainly never too late to start.  It is
our responsibility to not only educate ourselves but others as

These are the elementary rules to living a life full of peace,
prosperity and abundance
.  An abundant life is not having more
than we need.  It is having what we need and learning to share
with others the extras we may be blessed with.  Sharing gives
us a higher opinion of our self worth and usefullness.

Without purpose or reason for living, we are devoid of feeling.
It is our aim to help others realize the importance of self
and the luxury of sharing with others so they too can
achieve much more in life.

With these very important first lessons of  living life in peace,
prosperity and abundance
, we hope to instill new spirit in u.


Have a great fun filled prosperous day!


 Richard Yorke



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