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Intimacy with Spirit

July 31, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”


Intimacy with Spirit

Hello and Welcome,

It’s so great to be able to bring you another post on the Spirit.  If you are anything like me you too feel elated when

Spirit is fulfilling you.  There is nothing quite like the peace and confidence that comes with knowing the Spirit


Intimacy with Spirit enables an individual to accomplish any goal(s).  You see allowing the Spirit to fulfill your body,

mind and soul, takes away all anxiety, depression or stress.  With the Spirit as guide all obstacles are made simple to


Obstacles are a large part of our lives and the obstacles that face us daily must be overcome to move on and progress

towards our goals.  Achieving the success we want for ourselves is of the utmost importance for peace and harmony to

become inherent to our nature.

When we achieve peace and harmony in our daily lives we can better help our neighbors or others who need strong

guidance to overcome their negativity.  We are here for that purpose.  We must secure the environment that produces

positive ions to outweigh all negative ions.

It is an action of balance that allows us to successfully push the negative aside and replace it with a positive energy.

Positive energy is conducive to the Spirit.  Spirit thrives on positive conductive energy levels and we also thrive when

powered by positive energy forces.


To sum up the effect Spirit has on us, we utilize the energy it instills in us.  We thrive and therefore progress because of

Spirit’s influence.  The power of positive thinking and positive action put together to form solid and formidable

alliances with Spirit are conducive to our own well being and success.

Have a great and prosperous day!




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Magical and Miraculous

July 30, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”

Magical and Miraculous

Hello and Welcome,


We are back from our trip to Yarmouth, NS.  We went down to my daughter’s

wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding with lots of family and friends as

guests.  The church was full.  The bridal party and groomsmen were all in

their best attire.  The girls were beautiful, and the men as handsome as

they were handy.



The Spirit was definitely in attendance and the rain held off all day until

later in the evening when it was intermittent showers.  The reception was at

the Grand Hotel on Main St.  It was a large facility and everything went




The spirit of the people in attendance was inspiring for all.  The young and

old alike were entertained and entertaining.  We had a dance troup of young

ladies and men who put on a great show of their modern dance abilities as

well as some of their acrobatic skills.  It was awesome.



Some very good friends shot pictures and video of the whole event.  The next

day they had it edited and ready to show to everyone.  It was very well done

and organized.  It inspires me especially, to continue my path.  These are the

type of people I need on board with me.  They are very talented.



Last night when we arrived back I watched the whole wedding in review on

Facebook.  It amazes and astounds me, the advances in technology that allows

the rest of the world to view the same experience we experienced in real

time or as close as it gets to real time.



The Spirit allows lovingkindness to spread immediately through a world

system to all who missed the actual event.  It is like watching a miracle

take place before your very eyes.  Truly the Spirit is magical, as well as,



Have a great and prosperous day!


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Spirit in Life

July 29, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”


Spirit in Life


Hello and Welcome,

What a wonderful Spirit we have watching over us and guiding us.  Thanks to the Spirit we have arrived safely at our destination in Yarmouth.  We faced and drove through rain all the way here.  It was pouring down while we unpacked. We had to turn the heat on as everything was damp and wet when we arrived.


I was adamant and animated in my request to the Spirit for respite from the rain today.  So far so good.  It would be nice if we could get through the wedding ceremony before it decides to rain again.  This is why I try my best to be continually positive and sure in the Spirit.  The Spirit will never let you down as long as you believe and accept the lovingkindness it provides each and every day.


I know my daughter will be happy and well looked after by her new husband to be.  It is less than two hours before she is hitched.  The town is a hectic fast paced beehive of activity.  The new bride and groom running around in circles trying to prepare and do their best to make sure everything is in order and in place for their day of matrimony. Blessed Spirit shower the benevolent gifts of love, happiness and peace on this happy couple and their beautiful daughters.  It is a true show of the spirit they have in their lives to assist one another in raising their four teenage daughters.


For all of you who seek to tie the knot someday, take heart and use this post as a guide to show others the gift of Spirit that is sure to bring about peace and happiness in the lives of all who receive, believe and conceive the reality of Spirit in life.


Have a great and prosperous day!




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Love of Spirit

July 22, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in
the quest for peace on Earth.”


Love of Spirit


Hello and Welcome,


When I started today I was a little sluggish.  As the day progressed and I

decided to concentrate on the love of Spirit, I perked up immediately.  I

expect that is why I write this newsletter.  It helps get me in the spirit

and enables me freedom to be more creative.


A creative Spirit allows us that freedom.  The freedom to do the things

you love and the freedom to spend your time with those whom you love.  It

is peaceful contentment it brings to your countenance.  One must love

the Spirit in return to reciprocate the gift.


Reciprocity of devotion to this newsletter is what makes me feel useful or

allows me to feel I am doing my part as well to help heal the ills of the

world.  We all know how much words influence behavior in others.  Music is

a prime example of words used to create emotion or elation etc..


So live life and love the Spirit that creates your peace.


Have a great and prosperous day!


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Patience in Spirit

July 18, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”


Patience in Spirit


Hello and welcome,


What has Spirit to do with patience?

Today my patience is being tested.  If anything can test one’s patience it’s working and

waiting on a computer to do it’s thing.  One doesn’t control the speed of one’s computer if

you’ve commanded it to run a program which then commands the computer’s time.

So far the Spirit has enabled me to set aside my anger and use the energy towards writing a

new post.  That’s a positive from a negative.

That is what we must do in life constantly as we are constantly bombarded with negative ions.

Positive ions are needed to combat the negative.  It seems there is war going on in the air

around us even.  No wonder we sometimes falter.

The Spirit is always there to pick us up.  That is the Spirit’s purpose.  We only have to

reach out.  It is simple.  Life is simple.  We make it hard.  We complicate matters by

allowing emotions to over ride common sense.

Common sense and instinct are very importants traits of human nature.  it is our duty to

allow these traits to shine through Spirit.  Spirit and Nature are simplistic beauty and

wondrous to behold.  Enjoy the fruits of the Spirit and forget trying to out do the Jones’.

You will enjoy the fruit as it ripens and becomes a part of your overall character.  Assume

and embrace Spirit to taste the fruit thereof.  It is a whole other plain.  Check it out now.



Have a great and prosperous day!


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A Productive Spirit

July 17, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”

A Productive Spirit


Hello again,


In the realm of the spirit you’ ll find much room for self improvement.  To

receive the benefits Spirit has to offer, you must accept and believe.  Without

these two simple processes, you stand to lose a lot.  Only by being in touch

with the Spirit, however you view spirit, can you realize the importance of

improving one’s standards.


How important you may ask is one’s standing?  Stop and think about it.  There

are bottom feeders and top feeders, in which level would you like to be



Simple isn’t it.  Standards are how society views the rest of society.  By what

standards do they view you?  Most would probably admit that Spirit plays no

role in their lives whatsoever.  Trust me it does play a role in all life.

The Spirit is inherent to all life.  It provides structure where without,

there would be a great dark abyss.  In that zone where would you stand?


To enjoy or employ Spirit in our lives, we must do the steps to welcome the

Spirit.  As previously stated, acceptance is the first requirement.  The second

belief, is also a requirement.  Utilize these first two steps so that you can

enjoy the life that Spirit has blessed you with.


This newsletter is intended to teach others about the Spirit and to show spirit

within our ranks.  Spirit is required in all aspects of  life as it was

intended.  Embody the Spirit and you too can be blessed with ultimate

understanding and purpose.  Then you can work on the self improvement that

everyone else talks about.  Isn’t that where we should look first?  Ourselves.


I hope you enjoy this post and will come back in the future to see where all

this education leads.  Don’t think for a minute that I would leave you hanging

without purpose or reasons to improve your life.  I am sure you will find your

true purpose within the realm of the Spirit.


Have a great and prosperous day!


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Depend on Spirit

July 17, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in
the quest for peace on Earth.”


Depend on Spirit


Hello and Welcome,


Have you consulted with your spirit today?  Is it in harmony with your plans?

Is it in agreement with how you feel at this moment?  Trust in Spirit to know

what is best for you both in health and wealth.


Start utilizing strength of Spirit to move you forward to the ultimate best

life has to offer.  Depend on Spirit as well as yourself.  Our minds sometimes

fall prey to unwanted thoughts or emotions.  This interrupts us in our daily

progress.  Interruptions delay progress.


The Spirit when allowed free rein guides and strengthens your resolve to

accomplish goals you set forth in preparation to reach the ultimate goal.  It

is a matter of small steps adding up to larger steps in reaching your full

potential as a productive spirit.


If you seem to be lacking in spirit today, cheer up and let the Spirit enter

your being.  Allow freedom of thought to be lead by Spirit and not negativity.


We here at “The Spirit Newsletter” headquarters wish you the best.  We instill

Spirit when we smile and move on through adversity and conflict.  It is why we

have freedom in this great country of ours.  The spirit of those who fought

and still fight for our freedom stems from Spirit.


Have a great and prosperous day!



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Consciousness of Spirit

July 12, 2009

Consciousness of Spirit


“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in the quest for peace on Earth.”


Hello and welcome,


Instill consciousness of Spirit.  Spirit is an act of acceptance and

belief to realize consciousness of Spirit.  This blog is where you’ll

find the most up to date and latest knowledge of how to live in Spirit.


We wish to tell you a little background on “The Spirit Newsletter“.  I

hope you find what you need here, as additional spiritual fodder.  We

focus on Spirit and how it weaves its’ daily path throughout our lives.


If you are truly of the Spirit you will acknowledge the reality of this

blog and its’ true intent.  We wish to establish a web presence of like

minded individuals whose true aim is to live in peace and harmony with



As you read this live chronicle of testimony and true purpose truly

open your heart and accept generosity of Spirit.  It will guide you

to goals you set and heights you’ve only dreamed were possible.  Now

live those dreams.


Let the Spirit guide and manipulate my fingers as I report to you as

often as possible on important matters of a spiritual nature.  Please

have faith in Spirit and you will visualize and realize Utopia in life.


Have a great and prosperous day!




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Productivity in Spirit

July 10, 2009

“Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in
the quest for peace on Earth.”


Productivity in Spirit


Hello and welcome,


The Spirit is with us today waiting to shine forth and fulfill your

heart’s desires.  Through harmony the Spirit wills us to do what we

can for each other.  A simple gesture or a helping hand is all it

takes to do our part.


Many of us are able to share ourselves with others every day.  It is

through sharing and caring that we do the work of the Spirit.  Is your

spirit fulfilled?


Have you done what you feel is just and right for yourself or others?


Throughout our daily lives we must practice these simple principles

that mean so much.  Our hearts require comfort and love to keep our

spirit active and productive.


Productivity is Spirit.  Being productive is conducive to spiritual

well being.  To thrive productively we must embrace the Spirit to

encourage others to be productive and useful.


As each day passes we learn and grow in our quest for the happiness,

peace and contentment that makes our lives complete.  This is great

incentive to be productive isn’t it?


Share yourself with others and spread enlightenment in their life.  It

is spiritually fulfilling and also shows our devotion to our task.  I’m

convinced that this major step in spiritual growth and understanding is

what brings happiness, prosperity and peace to our lives.


Use this newsletter as intended and do your best to grow and become one

with Spirit.  It’s the difference between choosing the rough and rocky

road or the smoother paved highway.  Using metaphors such as this is a

good way to express your desires to help others succeed so that in turn

you too succeed.


Have a great and prosperous day!


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Adversity of the Spirit

July 9, 2009


Our aim is to inspire and educate and relate to each other in
the quest for peace on Earth.

Adversity of the Spirit


Once again we are proud to be a part of this great organization.  We are in hopes that you will someday join our great organization and community.

We do a lot of different things such as donate time and money to many worthy causes. We get involved in the

community in which we reside as well as the community of “The Spirit”.

If you are not familiar with “The Spirit”, it is a newsletter bringing what we intend to be uplifting and informative

spiritual matters and matters of the soul.

We strive to keep our messages as pure and simple as possible.  All readers or subscribers to “The Spirit”, are usually

connected to the Spirit in one way or another.  If you are a kindred spirit, please choose to join us in supporting a very

worthy cause.

Our cause is spreading the Spirit of lovingkindness to as many as we can reach through this media enterprise.  My love

for writing increases as the Spirit lifts me up unto high mountains so I can visualize all I have risen above.

Adversity of the Spirit is massive and I’m sure that’s the reason the Spirit is so strong and able to overcome

everything.  A good friend of mine has a company called  He is a fellow marketer, educator

and mentor.

A lot of very prominent marketers online today give much credit to this young man for his intuitiveness to the needs

of ever changing markets  and insightfulness to the task of listbuilding for his clients.


As a fellow marketer he is one of the best in this age.  He has overcome much adversity in his life.

We should all know what adversity is and I trust we know that adversity is nothing but fodder for the Spirit.  The more

adversity the stronger the Spirit.  Isn’t it ironic how life plays out?

Sometimes we fall prey to adversity and want to bow out.  That is the time to call on the Spirit to help us.  The Spirit is

always ready willing and able, if only we believe.  How simple is that?


Have a great and prosperous day!


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